The Vince Berman Trio
I Shouldn't Think

I Shouldn't Think
2017 The Vince Berman Trio
Video by A/P Productions
Directed by Jed Schlegelmilch

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Companion piece:
 Door to Door Failsman

Dave Schwartz is Chunky Milk Productions' music mastermind.
He is also part of The Vince Berman Trio.
Mike and I (Owen) used an instrumental version of this song in Door to Door Failsman.
Shortly afterwards, Jed wrote and directed this music video which used footage from the 48 Hour movie plus new material.

Companion Pieces!

We've definitely crossed over before, mixing Chunky Milk movies with Vince Berman Trio music and A/P Productions know-how, but this music video takes things to a whole different level.

Mike reprised his role as Chris Bowdoin, the Door to Door Failsman.
Jed's son Sam, co-star of You Can't Ignore A Ninja, appears as a punk kid.
Jed himself joins in as the pug-headed happy-pill alter-ego.
I even got in front of the camera as the bully. As I type, the last fragments of "temporary" henna tattoos have yet to rub off.

Well, you're lucky this time! Normally this is where I blather on and on about a production, but if you are looking for that, you're going to have to ask Dave and Jed. When I got home from the shoot, I didn't have to do anything else, which was disorienting and also rather nice!

And I must say, the results are masterful. I might try again to call "not it" as editor next time. :^)

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