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About Chunky Milk Productions

When Mike and I did Adventure de Poundo for Adventures of Mike, we dressed it up in at-the-time contemporary MTV-style trimmings, complete with an obnoxious rotating cube in the corner of the screen. The label name we (he? I really don't remember) came up with at the time was "Chunky Milk". Ever since, when we've talked about one glorious day shooting something fun together again, we've kept the term alive.

Once he'd signed us up for the 48 Hour Film Project, for which they needed a team name, he let me know that our little band of weirdos was now officially known as "Chunky Milk Productions". I made a little splash animation intending for a "real" animator to replace it, which did not happen, and that was that.

The perfect "splat" sound the logo uses is lifted directly from our first 48 Hour Film, "Enjoy the Show". Specifically, the shot of Babs shoving Cell Phone Man's handset into his drink. Mixed with some good squishy foley our man Dave Schwartz provided, our logo is alive with the sound of grossness.

For our third 48 Hour production, I made an improved splash animation with gooier- and grosser-looking fluid. One day I will master the fluid particle simulation and figure out how to get actual chunks bobbing around in there too.

...Scratch that! For our 2018 movie, I prepared a proper, practical-effects shot which is far more beautiful and disgusting than any CG effect. I babble about it at length on my commentary page for "The Smell".

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